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Brighten up your healthy days
with plant power

Feeling the power and gentleness of
organic plants with your skin,
Polishing with fine glow of minerals on earth.
natureglacé is makeup product with skin care.
So we stick with using
100% naturally-derived raw material.
You have makeup on
but it feels light and comfortable.
Your skin and face will lighten up
only with makeup.
Happy glow to your everyday life.

The brand name is created after “natural” and “glacé”

The products of natureglacé are
produced with our thought of adding the glow
to your everyday lives, based on the concept of
“brightening up your healthy days with plant power”.

Expressing our thought
into the product
“brightening up your healthy
days with plant power”

The packaging color is the color of earth
supporting the plant.
The compact is a palette,
and the colorful products inside are the paints blessed from the nature.
The packaging box expresses that the blessing of the plant brightens your daily lives.

Touch of watercolors is a representation of the makeup natureglacé aims to achieve,
to “utilize the original skin”, with colors
overlapping with each other and the beauty of seeing them through.
In addition, it also represents the “fresh and
moist” skin created with the makeup of