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Development Standards

natureglacé was born in 2008 as an organic makeup brand,
and we have continued to be committed to natural ingredients and pursue cosmetics friendly to the skin.

We use 100% naturally
derived ingredients.

No petroleum-based surfactant,
mineral oil, tardye,
synthetic perfume, paraben,
silicon, ultraviolet absorber used

No nanoparticles used
(No nanoparticle ingredients /
measurements taken that no nanoparticles
contain in the finished products)

We pursue the sense of use
and realization of effects.
We select formula
with less risks on the skin.

  • We will actively use herbs grown on our company farm certified
    with JAS organic standard.
  • We will promote to use formula of organic raw materials
    without risks of residual agricultural chemicals.
  • We will not use mineral oils, we will use plant oils.
  • We will only use natural essential oils for fragrance.
  • We will use raw materials that are as biodegradable as possible,
    and those with less waste in the manufacturing process.
  • We will not conduct animal studies on the products.